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Aluminum Butterfly valves (XJ series)

KITZ XJ series aluminum butterfly valves:

Featuring a unique style for the neck designs (U.S.P. No. 6676109) to accommodate various piping designs, Piping positions , and installation environments.

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Feature and Specification


Class JIS 10K Class 150 PN16
Maximum service pressure 1 MPa 1 MPa 1.6 MPa
(16 bar)
Service temperature range*1 -20℃ to +120℃
Continuous service temperature range*2 -20℃ to +100℃
Face-to-face dimension API609, BS EN 558 Basic Series 20
ISO 5752-20, JIS B 2002 46 series
Coupling flanges JIS B 2220
/ 2239 10K
ASME Class 150
JIS B 2220
/ 2239 10K *3
PN16 *3

*1 Condition: Fluid is not frozen.
*2 Refer to P-T rating chart.
*3 With centering sleeves. Refer to the product range chart in page 2 and aprecaution in page 39 for details.

Standard Materials

Parts Materials
Body Aluminum die-cast/equivalent ASTM B85-84-383.0
Neck 18-8 stainless steel
Stem (Equivalent ASTM A276 type 410)
Disk A351 Gr.CF8M
O-ring EPDM
Rubber seat EPDM
Bottom stem (Equivalent ASTM A276 type 410)
Bearing Metal backed PTFE (size 10″ and 12″)
Polyphenylenesulfide (10XJMEA: size 1 1/2″ to 8″)
Bronze: CAC401C (PN16XJME: size 2″ to 8″)

*Please refer to the drawing of deliverables for detail.

  • <Features>

    • Supports a wide range of applications

    Stainless steel discs and EPDM rubber sheets are available for various types of line-fluids without concern for corrosion.


    • Stable operating torque

    A pair of stem bearings assembled around the upper and lower stems prevents stem galling, stabilizes valve operating torque, and ensures smooth and trouble-free disk rotation.


    • Actuator mounting flange ISO5211 on site

    The actuator mounting pads on the neck are designed to allow direct field mounting of actuators with ISO5211 mounting flanges.


    • Condensation prevention (long neck type)

    No insulation is required to block the heat of the fluid from being transferred to the valve operating device along the neck of the stainless steel. Condensation is minimized even for cold water services.

    • Anti-rust measures


    All the main components, such as stems, discs, necks, neck connectors, and bolts, are made of stainless steel and are highly corrosion resistant.

    • S-Shaped Spherical Disk for High Sealing Performance <Patented>


    Kitz’s proprietary S-shaped valve disc with a spherical surface is uniformly in close contact with the rubber liner, providing excellent sealing performance while reducing operating torque. A thorough 360° shut-off mechanism helps extend the service life of the rubber liner.


    <S-shaped disc (patented) structure that provides high sealing performance>


    This disc uses a spherical face and an S-shaped disc developed by KITZ. When the valve is closed with a light torque, the entire surface contacts the sheet evenly, providing excellent sealing performance. The simultaneous all-round shutting function also contributes to a significant improvement in sheet durability.

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