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Ductile cast iron High rangeability Butterfly valves (HRDJ Series)

The HRDJ series has an excellent rangeability of 160: 1, enables multi-control of minute flow rate, and realizes tight shut when fully closed.

Feature and Specification

  • <Feature>

    Excellent flow volume control performance

    Tight shut/high rangeability is realized by combining disc section for full-shutoff and disc section for low-opening control for the disc.

    Also, cavitation is suppressed by installing a pressure chamber to improve anti-noise multi-orifice

    Installing a multi hall at the disc section for flow-opening control and the fin section realized flow volume characteristics close to ideal equal percent characteristics for flow volume control

< Prevention of erosion by jet flow >

The vulcanized bond seat is suitable for controlling high velocity fluid to reduce erosion due to jet flow.

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